Game of Thrones : Hits of Ice and Fire


  • 1The Winds of Winter (Piano Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]3:24
  • 2A Lannister Always Pays His Debts (Orchestral Rock Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]2:15
  • 3The Rains of Castamere (Piano Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]3:29
  • 4Khaleesi (Orchestral Rock Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]2:56
  • 5Light of the Seven (Orchestral Rock Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]3:51
  • 6Game of Thrones (Main Title)1:41
  • 7The Bear and the Maiden Fair (Acoustic Instrumental Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]3:08
  • 8The Bear and the Maiden Fair (Acoustic Version) [From "Game of Thrones"]3:08