H&L: Back to Basics, Vol.1

Ella Fitzgerald (Artiste)
Art Tatum (Artiste)
Tommy Dorsey (Artiste)
Billie Holiday (Artiste)
Nat King Cole (Artiste)
Sidney Bechet (Artiste)
Benny Goodman (Artiste)
Big Jay McNeely (Artiste)
Earl Hines (Artiste)
Billy Banks (Artiste)
Larry Darnell (Artiste)
Todd Rhodes (Artiste)
Andy Kirk (Artiste)
Hot Lips Page (Artiste)

  • 2Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again2:22
  • 3The Egg or the Hen2:33
  • 4Strange As It Seems3:06
  • 5I Love My Man3:07
  • 6Little Girl, Don't Cry2:38
  • 7In the Attic2:29
  • 8Let's Dance2:35
  • 9Alla en el Rancho Grande3:10
  • 10Later2:33
  • 11Blue Sensation3:05
  • 12Jazz Me Blues4:19
  • 13Scroogli-Oli-Re-Bos3:10
  • 14Please Don't Cry Anymore2:53
  • 15Hot Soup2:36
  • 16I Wouldn't Have Know It2:32
  • 17These Foolish Things3:36
  • 18Darlin'3:11
  • 19Amapola3:02
  • 20Yes, Suh!2:53