H&L: 20 Ways to Say I Was Wrong

Ella Fitzgerald (Artiste)
Amos Milburn (Artiste)
Nat King Cole (Artiste)
Fats Waller (Artiste)
Duke Ellington (Artiste)
Gene Krupa (Artiste)
Bobby Hackett (Artiste)
Muddy Waters (Artiste)
Lonnie Johnson (Artiste)
Mildred Bailey (Artiste)
Julia Lee (Artiste)
Charlie Barnet (Artiste)
Ruth Brown (Artiste)
Sunnyland Slim (Artiste)
Percy Mayfield (Artiste)
Midge Williams (Artiste)

  • 1I Apologize3:20
  • 2I Realize Now3:11
  • 3I Was Wrong3:03
  • 4Am I Making the Same Mistake Again ?3:11
  • 5I'm Sorry I Made You Cry2:49
  • 6To Make a Mistake Is Human3:08
  • 7I Repent3:28
  • 8The Greatest Mistake of My Life2:43
  • 9I'm Sorry Dear2:38
  • 10Please Forgive Me3:04
  • 11I've Only Myself to Blame3:02
  • 12I'll Never Make the Same Mistake Again3:08
  • 13Sorry I Lost My Head2:35
  • 15I Done You Wrong3:03
  • 16Everything I Do Is Wrong2:43
  • 17I'm Guilty2:46
  • 18My Fault2:43
  • 19That's Right, I'm Wrong2:16
  • 20After I Say I'm Sorry2:32