Chilled Ibiza 2016

Soleil Fisher (Artiste)
Lea Perry (Artiste)
33 Degrees (Artiste)
Orbitell (Artiste)
Milews (Artiste)
Mea Culpa (Artiste)
Adeleeya (Artiste)
Soleil Armada (Artiste)
NOEL (Artiste)
Suite Unique (Artiste)
Flo Rence (Artiste)
Crystal Chill (Artiste)
Atrium (Artiste)
Lemon Tree (Artiste)
Soleil Loungers (Artiste)
Mooncircle (Artiste)
Gentle Polish (Artiste)
Drops of Honey (Artiste)
Club Salinero (Artiste)

  • 1Beautiful Nights In Ibiza4:49
  • 2Breathing4:41
  • 3Dubby Sunset Sky At Cafe Del Mar5:13
  • 4Ibiza My Love4:44
  • 5Go Away4:51
  • 6Dive4:22
  • 7Cafe Del Mar Dreams5:15
  • 8A Door Into Yesterday4:27
  • 9I Met Her In Ibiza4:58
  • 10When the Sun Goes Down5:07
  • 11Chalito7:28
  • 12Beach Talk4:49
  • 13You Should Never Know4:27
  • 14Sunrise and Moonshine5:04
  • 15Footsteps in the Sand5:05
  • 16Praise For The Beach3:47
  • 17Clouds Sun and Water5:22
  • 18Island of Chill5:42
  • 19Be Like Me5:03
  • 20Chillout In Paradise4:06
  • 21Sun on My Skin4:01
  • 22Pura Vida4:31
  • 23Viva La Vida4:53
  • 24Footsteps In The Sand5:05
  • 25Shade in the Sun4:35