Urban City Jazz, Vol. 1

Nikita Sendero (Artiste)
Smooth Pack (Artiste)
CoolCut (Artiste)
Slowreal (Artiste)
Cool Swings (Artiste)
Perelandra (Artiste)
Lazy'n'Cool (Artiste)
Jazzolution (Artiste)

  • 1Forgotten City5:14
  • 2Sax and the City5:11
  • 3Moon Over the City4:40
  • 4Just A Boy4:55
  • 5Strangers in the Night5:48
  • 6Late at Night3:18
  • 7Cityscapes2:02
  • 8Late Monday5:28
  • 9Push The Feeling On5:36
  • 10The Rainbow For Me4:19
  • 11So Much More2:30
  • 12Dating Around4:17
  • 13Deeper and Deeper2:24
  • 14Beyond the Star4:23