Smash Hits from the 90's

Heartfire (Artiste)
Platinum Deluxe (Artiste)
Chelsea Heart (Artiste)
Sister Nation (Artiste)
Chateau Pop (Artiste)
Blinding Lights (Artiste)
CDM Project (Artiste)
2Glory (Artiste)
Orkamah (Artiste)
Lady Diva (Artiste)
Nu Rock City (Artiste)
Pacific Edge (Artiste)
Six Pack 5 (Artiste)
Graham Blvd (Artiste)
Knightsbridge (Artiste)
Regina Avenue (Artiste)
Blue Fashion (Artiste)
Wild Tales (Artiste)

  • 1Nothing Else Matters6:15
  • 2Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)2:34
  • 3Ordinary World5:26
  • 4I Try3:54
  • 5It Ain't over 'Til It's Over4:15
  • 6Champagne Supernova4:57
  • 7Heal the World6:30
  • 8Please Forgive Me5:52
  • 9Larger Than Life3:51
  • 10No Ordinary Love5:15
  • 11MMM MMM MMM MMM3:55
  • 12Name4:23
  • 13You Gotta Be4:02
  • 14Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon3:05
  • 15Just a Girl3:17
  • 16Glycerine3:47
  • 17Tender7:28
  • 18It's Not Right but It's Okay4:54
  • 19Something Got Me Started4:00
  • 20Cupid4:16
  • 21I Want You3:52
  • 22Caribbean Blue3:39
  • 23Brown Sugar3:30
  • 24Rain4:05
  • 25More and More4:10
  • 26Stand by Me5:57
  • 27In These Arms5:07
  • 28Show Me Love3:50
  • 29Lifted4:11
  • 30Boom Boom3:21
  • 31New York City Boy4:16
  • 32By My Side3:13
  • 33Immortality4:10
  • 34Army of Me3:55
  • 35You Used to Love Me4:30
  • 36I Wanna Love You Forever4:22
  • 37Roam3:58
  • 38I'll Be2:59
  • 39Tom's Diner3:37
  • 40Before You Walk out of My Life4:54
  • 41In My Bed3:40
  • 42Don't Say You Love Me3:41
  • 43Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses3:52
  • 44Let the Beat Go On4:04
  • 45I'll Remember4:05
  • 46Missing You Now4:30