90's Coffee House Hits

2Glory (Artiste)
Regina Avenue (Artiste)
Champs United (Artiste)
MoodBlast (Artiste)
Rock Patrol (Artiste)
Main Station (Artiste)
Chateau Pop (Artiste)
Blue Fashion (Artiste)
Uptown Beat (Artiste)
CDM Project (Artiste)
The Comptones (Artiste)
Down4Pop (Artiste)
Imix Singers (Artiste)
Princess Beat (Artiste)
Stereo Avenue (Artiste)
Platinum Deluxe (Artiste)
Knightsbridge (Artiste)
Jahtones (Artiste)
Lady Diva (Artiste)
Pacific Edge (Artiste)
Tough Rhymes (Artiste)
Graham Blvd (Artiste)

  • 1What's Up4:50
  • 2Changes4:28
  • 3Shiny Happy People3:45
  • 4The Bad Touch4:20
  • 5Walking in Memphis4:18
  • 6My Love Is Your Love4:19
  • 7Bad Boys3:48
  • 8The Whole of the Moon5:07
  • 9Mmmbop3:46
  • 10Change the World3:53
  • 11Sweetest Thing3:07
  • 12Do You Remember4:41
  • 13What You Want3:57
  • 14How's It Going to Be4:14
  • 15I Finally Found Someone3:38
  • 16What a Girl Wants3:54
  • 17Stay (Faraway, so Close)4:55
  • 18I Could Fall in Love4:41
  • 19Moving on Up3:35
  • 20Sound and Vision3:11
  • 21Where Do You Go4:30
  • 22If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next4:44
  • 23Mysterious Ways4:01
  • 24At the River3:01
  • 25Been Around the World3:51
  • 26Strangers Like Me2:56
  • 27Gimme Some More3:00
  • 28Elevators (Me & You)4:32
  • 29Time to Say Goodbye4:00
  • 30Livin' on the Edge6:00
  • 31Salome4:12
  • 32Everything About You4:03
  • 33I Saved the World Today4:59
  • 34Regret4:27
  • 35When You Love a Woman4:06
  • 36On Every Street4:16
  • 37Word of Mouth3:51
  • 38The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)3:18
  • 39Right Here, Right Now3:09
  • 40Kissin' You4:32
  • 41California Blue3:51
  • 42Twist and Shout3:58
  • 43Someday I'll Be Saturday Night4:35
  • 44Sun Is Shining3:51
  • 45These Are the Times3:59
  • 46How Come, How Long5:09