Your 90's Jam

Groovy-G (Artiste)
Wild Tales (Artiste)
Sister Nation (Artiste)
CDM Mixmasters (Artiste)
2 Steps Up (Artiste)
Missy Five (Artiste)
Blinding Lights (Artiste)
Regina Avenue (Artiste)
MoodBlast (Artiste)
Airflow (Artiste)
Jahtones (Artiste)
CDM Project (Artiste)
Rock Patrol (Artiste)
Graham Blvd (Artiste)
Nu Rock City (Artiste)
Knightsbridge (Artiste)
Pacific Edge (Artiste)
Chateau Pop (Artiste)
New Ways (Artiste)

  • 1Kiss Me3:17
  • 2Enjoy the Silence4:15
  • 3She's so High3:43
  • 4Fly Away3:40
  • 5You Could Be Mine5:33
  • 6Runaway Train4:14
  • 7When You're Gone3:25
  • 8Over My Shoulder3:33
  • 9Why4:52
  • 10Praise You5:05
  • 11Murder She Wrote4:07
  • 12Earth Song4:56
  • 13Return to Innocence4:04
  • 14Sing It Back4:36
  • 15I Touch Myself3:38
  • 16I Promised Myself3:58
  • 17To the Moon & Back5:23
  • 18I Wanna Be Down4:04
  • 19You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)3:33
  • 20Crying in the Rain4:14
  • 21A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme)4:08
  • 22Relight My Fire3:47
  • 23Criminal5:48
  • 24Beautiful Girl3:24
  • 25Who Do You Think You Are3:42
  • 26Have You Ever?4:28
  • 27I Don't Want to Wait5:03
  • 28Policy of Truth5:03
  • 29Let the Dream Come True4:00
  • 30Shy Guy3:39
  • 31Any Time, Any Place4:50
  • 32Until It Sleeps4:31
  • 33For You I Will4:52
  • 34Do I Have to Say the Words?4:14
  • 35Turn Around3:44
  • 36Nobody's Supposed to Be Here4:19
  • 37Back & Forth3:46
  • 38Life Is a Flower3:35
  • 39Little Miss Can't Be Wrong3:50
  • 40Tell Me It's Real4:41
  • 41The Real Thing4:04
  • 42Supermodel (You Better Work)3:42
  • 43Sex on the Beach3:45
  • 44When You Tell Me That You Love Me4:18
  • 45Hey Pachuco3:33
  • 46Take Me to the Limit3:40