80's Car Ride Hits

The Comptones (Artiste)
Stockholm Honey (Artiste)
The Dazees (Artiste)
MoodBlast (Artiste)
The Eurosingers (Artiste)
The Topdales (Artiste)
Main Station (Artiste)
Regina Avenue (Artiste)
Down4Pop (Artiste)
Chateau Pop (Artiste)
2 Steps Up (Artiste)
Blinding Lights (Artiste)
Blue Fashion (Artiste)
Lady Diva (Artiste)
Knightsbridge (Artiste)
Graham Blvd (Artiste)

  • 1I'm on Fire2:26
  • 2Bad Medicine3:52
  • 3The Safety Dance2:39
  • 4Didn't We Almost Have It All4:58
  • 5Everybody Have Fun Tonight3:51
  • 6Devil Inside5:08
  • 7Think About Me2:34
  • 8The Glamorous Life3:43
  • 9Believe It or Not (Theme Form "Greatest American Hero")3:23
  • 10Don't Talk to Strangers3:00
  • 11New Attitude4:00
  • 12Come Dancing4:00
  • 13Hands to Heaven4:10
  • 14I Hear You Knocking2:43
  • 15Baby Don't Forget My Number4:11
  • 16I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man)3:48
  • 17Vienna Calling4:00
  • 18Pipes of Peace3:17
  • 19Let's Wait Awhile4:34
  • 20Tonight She Comes3:44
  • 21Rhythm Is Gonna Get You3:53
  • 22Never Give up on a Good Thing3:37
  • 23You Better You Bet4:00
  • 24Who Will You Run To4:22
  • 25Rag Doll2:47
  • 26Wishing I Was Lucky3:47
  • 27The Land of Make Believe3:34
  • 28I Want You Back3:38
  • 29People from Ibiza3:57
  • 30One of the Living4:10
  • 31Thieves Like Us6:37
  • 32Woke up in Love3:02
  • 33View from a Bridge3:20
  • 34Turn It into Love3:34
  • 35Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)4:20
  • 36Burning Bridges (On and off and on Again)3:52
  • 37I Won't Let You Go3:43
  • 38One Heartbeat3:46
  • 39Love Touch3:58
  • 40Amazed and Confused2:53
  • 41Don't Let Go3:23
  • 42He's a Liar3:42
  • 43Look Mama3:51
  • 44The Other Side of Love2:57
  • 45French Kissin'4:05
  • 46Something Real (Inside Me / Inside You)4:16
  • 47Glam Slam3:25
  • 48Pop Goes My Love3:49
  • 49(Closest Thing To) Perfect3:45
  • 50Don't Mess with DR. Dream3:29