80's Café

Main Station (Artiste)
Blue Fashion (Artiste)
The Comptones (Artiste)
The Dazees (Artiste)
Stockholm Honey (Artiste)
Knightsbridge (Artiste)
Regina Avenue (Artiste)
2 Steps Up (Artiste)
The Eurosingers (Artiste)
Chateau Pop (Artiste)
Graham Blvd (Artiste)
Sister Nation (Artiste)

  • 1Sexual Healing3:55
  • 2Let's Hear It for the Boy3:41
  • 3I Love a Rainy Night2:44
  • 4Forever Young4:20
  • 5Sally MacLennane2:41
  • 6Steppin' Out3:42
  • 7Making Your Mind Up2:43
  • 8Stripped3:36
  • 9Hold On4:03
  • 10No More Lonely Nights4:37
  • 11Dress You Up3:52
  • 12(Forever) Live and Die3:25
  • 13Shake It Up3:24
  • 14If I Was4:52
  • 15Head to Toe4:00
  • 16Chains of Love3:35
  • 17Rhythm Nation4:29
  • 18Love Kills4:27
  • 19A Love Bizarre3:53
  • 20Wrap Your Arms Around Me4:52
  • 21Rock This Town3:20
  • 22Causing a Commotion4:21
  • 23Chequered Love3:23
  • 24State of Shock4:03
  • 25It's My Turn3:52
  • 26Healing Hands4:22
  • 27Love Comes Quickly4:12
  • 28Where's the Party7:14
  • 29What You Get Is What You See4:20
  • 30Skin Trade4:19
  • 31Right by Your Side3:48
  • 32Innocent Love3:50
  • 33Undercover of the Night4:31
  • 34All She Wants Is3:51
  • 35Oh People4:09
  • 36Someone Belonging to Someone4:14
  • 37I Saw Him Standing There4:00
  • 38Hi Ho Silver3:29
  • 39Hearts on Fire3:26
  • 40Some Kind of Lover4:24
  • 41The Woman in You4:15
  • 42Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?4:28
  • 43Mercedes Boy3:48
  • 44When I Looked at Him4:20
  • 45Dominoes3:57
  • 46Can't Shake Loose4:26
  • 47Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)3:41
  • 48If She Would Have Been Faithful3:51
  • 49The Never Ending Story3:31
  • 50Kiss and Tell3:52