Soul Jazz Records Presents Disco: A Fine Selection of Independent Disco, Modern Soul and Boogie 1978-82

Superfunk (Artiste)
Chemistry (Artiste)
Imperials (Artiste)
Sparkle (Artiste)
Cordial (Artiste)
Cirt Gill (Artiste)
Stwange Poweple (Artiste)
Something Extra (Artiste)
Corky Hodges (Artiste)
Sympho State (Artiste)
Wayne Ford (Artiste)
Chain Reaction (Artiste)
Jupiter Beyond (Artiste)
Jessie G (Artiste)
Calebur (Artiste)

  • 1Hooked on Your Love6:34
  • 1You Know What I Like5:59
  • 2Superfunk7:35
  • 2Movin' to the Beat6:43
  • 3That's Hot5:59
  • 3Sexy Lady5:05
  • 4The River Drive9:58
  • 4Get Up (Let's Rock)9:38
  • 5The Eaton Assassin6:13
  • 5Skateboard6:08
  • 6Trinidad5:08
  • 6Turn This Disco Out5:54
  • 7Disco Madness5:53
  • 7When Your Jones Come Down6:45
  • 8Sweet Lady7:22
  • 8Fast Freddie the Roller Disco King6:13
  • 9Dance to the Beat Freakout13:22
  • 9Wave6:13

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