Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz and the Art of Protest


  • 1We're Threatening the Oppressors0:24
  • 2The Revolution Will Not Be Televised2:48
  • 3Sais (Egypt)8:10
  • 4Nefertite2:02
  • 5A Toast to the People3:26
  • 6The Creator Has a Master Plan (Peace)4:14
  • 7Lament for John Coltrane5:21
  • 8Sit Down2:47
  • 9Friends and Neighbors4:17
  • 10Excerpt from Speech #2: Do Your Own Thing0:59
  • 11Echoes5:39
  • 12The Giant Is Awakened17:25
  • 13Tupac Amaru4:14
  • 14Martin Was a Man, a Real Man4:10
  • 15Paint It Black1:26
  • 16Gonna Get Some Right Now3:50