Funky Collector, Vol. 6

RÜFÜS (Artiste)
Dazz Band (Artiste)
Mystic Merlin (Artiste)
Mac Band (Artiste)
Kwick (Artiste)
Kinsman Dazz (Artiste)
Jerry Knight (Artiste)
Gwen Guthrie (Artiste)
René & Angela (Artiste)
Hi-Rise (Artiste)
Melba Moore (Artiste)
Dayton (Artiste)
Second Image (Artiste)
Stargasm (Artiste)
Chocolate Milk (Artiste)
Roy Ayers (Artiste)
Ozone (Artiste)
Stargard (Artiste)
South Bronx (Artiste)
Panache (Artiste)
Mandrill (Artiste)
Parliament (Artiste)
Lillo Thomas (Artiste)
Round Trip (Artiste)
Glenn Jones (Artiste)
Ebonee Webb (Artiste)

  • Love's Comin' at Ya5:38
  • Meet the Man6:25
  • Let It All Blow5:54
  • Starr7:51
  • Something About You5:33
  • I'm Somebody6:24
  • Walk Don't Run6:37
  • Sixty Thrills a Minute4:53
  • Banging the Boogie5:03
  • Gigolette6:36
  • Seventh Heaven7:21
  • In My House5:05
  • Funky Nite7:02
  • She's Got to Be (A Dancer) [Club Mix]5:09
  • Let's Go Out Tonight3:46
  • Saturday Night4:55
  • We Ought to Be Dancing6:05
  • I'm in Love7:02
  • Got to Get over You5:13
  • Flashlight5:47
  • Turn Me Up4:39
  • Can You Get It (Suzie Caesar) [Club Mix]7:06
  • Love Will Bring Us Together5:58
  • Get Down! (To the Sweet Music) [Club Mix]7:33
  • Who's Getting It Now6:42
  • Dance with Me4:00
  • Bohannon Disco Symphony6:39
  • The Bottom Line6:01
  • We Came to Funk You Out6:53
  • Disco Rufus Theme Song (From "Which Way Is Up") [Club Mix]4:44