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Ideal (Artiste)
Allure (Artiste)
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Deni Hines (Artiste)
Deborah Cox (Artiste)
Zhane (Artiste)
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Groove Theory (Artiste)
112 (Artiste)
Horace Brown (Artiste)
Mark Morrison (Artiste)
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Blackstreet (Artiste)
Soul for Real (Artiste)
Next (Artiste)
Total (Artiste)
Ruff Endz (Artiste)
Kreuz (Artiste)
Nivea (Artiste)
Yvette Michelle (Artiste)
Alfonso Hunter (Artiste)
Ebony Foster (Artiste)
Mase (Artiste)
Beverly Knight (Artiste)
Elisha Laverne (Artiste)
Billie Piper (Artiste)
Banger (Artiste)

  • Intro2:32
  • Girlfriend Remix2:56
  • Never Gonna Let You1:40
  • Here We Go Again2:15
  • All Night Long3:15
  • Believe in Love3:30
  • It's Al Right2:25
  • Every Little Thing I Do2:15
  • Party All Night1:47
  • Return of the Mack2:05
  • You Give Good Love1:57
  • It's over Now2:31
  • Head over Heels2:24
  • Flavour of the Old School2:01
  • Only You4:02
  • Everyday and Everynight2:54
  • Too Close2:15
  • No More2:20
  • Anything2:05
  • Whatever2:31
  • Don't Mess with My Man3:30
  • No Diggity3:17
  • Tell Me1:43
  • Crazy for You2:46
  • It's a Party2:55
  • One for the Money1:23
  • Just the Way Playas Play1:02
  • Tell Me What You1:51
  • You're Makin High2:48