Balearic Island Chill

Soleil Fisher (Artiste)
Lullaby Lounge (Artiste)
Antonio Paco (Artiste)
Chilled Ibiza (Artiste)
Pi Sol (Artiste)
Minor and Major (Artiste)
Lounge Pilots (Artiste)
Hirudo (Artiste)
Drops of Honey (Artiste)
Idyllic (Artiste)
Loungeotic (Artiste)
Silk Factory (Artiste)

  • 1Lightbox8:54
  • 2Chill De La Mer6:09
  • 3Cafe Del Mar Vibes1:57
  • 4Dare to Dream4:27
  • 5Don't Waste Your Breath5:22
  • 6Strange Frame of Wind4:51
  • 7Less Is More4:50
  • 8Giacomo4:52
  • 9Pura Vida3:09
  • 10A Dream Within a Dream4:37
  • 11Lifetime5:34
  • 12Sunrays5:11
  • 13We Found Love4:44
  • 14The Wonder In Your Eye5:29
  • 15Sun Sinks Low5:14

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