Back to the 90's, Vol. 2

Intro (Artiste)
Shai (Artiste)
Horace Brown (Artiste)
Mary J Blige (Artiste)
Yvette Michelle (Artiste)
Total (Artiste)
Mona Lisa (Artiste)
Guy (Artiste)
The Swv Mix (Artiste)
Monica (Artiste)
Mary J.Blige (Artiste)
Alfonzo Hunter (Artiste)
Chantay Savage (Artiste)
Skin Deep (Artiste)
Gina Tompson (Artiste)
Changings Faces (Artiste)
Jesse Powell (Artiste)
Pure Soul (Artiste)
Case (Artiste)
Blackstreet (Artiste)
Sa-Deuce (Artiste)
The Braxtons (Artiste)
Kay-Cee (Artiste)
Donell Jones (Artiste)
Jaki Bennett (Artiste)
Jamecia (Artiste)
Brandy (Artiste)
Tony Braxton (Artiste)
Babyface (Artiste)
Keith Sweat (Artiste)
Xcape (Artiste)
New edition (Artiste)
702 (Artiste)
A Few Good Men (Artiste)
Quindon (Artiste)
Soul for Real (Artiste)
Men of Vizion (Artiste)
Montel Jordan (Artiste)
112 (Artiste)
Jason Weaver (Artiste)
Sa Deuce (Artiste)
Monifah (Artiste)
Usher (Artiste)
Missy Eliott (Artiste)
Nneka (Artiste)
Davina (Artiste)
Zakiya (Artiste)
On the Contrary (Artiste)
SWV (Artiste)
Next Level (Artiste)
Zhane (Artiste)
Uncle Sam (Artiste)
Denosh (Artiste)
Lysette (Artiste)
Jagged Edge (Artiste)
Twice (Artiste)
ALI (Artiste)
Girl (Artiste)
Corey (Artiste)
Ebony (Artiste)
Taral (Artiste)
K Ci & Jojo (Artiste)
Destiny Child (Artiste)
Brian Mc Knight (Artiste)
Mario Winnans (Artiste)
Nsfp (Artiste)
Billy Lawrence (Artiste)
Tasha Holiday (Artiste)
Brownstone (Artiste)
Ray J (Artiste)
Playa (Artiste)
Filo (Artiste)
Camille Douglas (Artiste)
Veronica (Artiste)
On the Tlc Mix (Artiste)
Silvia Simone (Artiste)
Tamia (Artiste)
Big Bub (Artiste)
02 (Artiste)
Allure (Artiste)
MQ3 (Artiste)

  • 1Intro1:02
  • 1Intro, pt. 20:59
  • 2Everything1:50
  • 2Tonight1:47
  • 3Things We Do for Love1:58
  • 3U Make Me Wanna1:48
  • 4I Love You1:38
  • 4Sock It 2 Me0:54
  • 5Say It Again1:48
  • 5Everyday & Everything1:58
  • 6No One Else1:37
  • 6Don't Leave Me1:26
  • 7You Can't Be Wasting My Time1:39
  • 7So Good1:48
  • 8I Can Love You1:07
  • 8Tell Me What You Like0:59
  • 9My Love Won't Fade Away1:13
  • 9Right Here I'm so into You Anything You're the One It All About You9:32
  • 10Lova 2 Love You1:23
  • 10Don't Take It Personnal1:50
  • 11Mary Jane (All Night Long)1:38
  • 11Can We1:03
  • 12Just the Way1:21
  • 12Make up Your Mind1:23
  • 13What About Us0:41
  • 13Ain't Nobody1:30
  • 14I Will Survive2:18
  • 14Someone1:44
  • 15I Don't Know1:23
  • 15No More Games1:50
  • 16The Things That You Do1:09
  • 16Love Is All We Need1:35
  • 17I Got Somebody Else1:39
  • 17Request Line1:29
  • 18Gloria1:19
  • 18Can U Feel It1:57
  • 19I Want You Back1:20
  • 19Tonight1:38
  • 20Young, Sad & Blue2:17
  • 20Touch Me, Tease Me0:39
  • 21No Diggidy1:49
  • 21The Way That U Talk0:59
  • 22Sparkle1:38
  • 22Don't Waste My Time1:59
  • 23So Many Ways2:00
  • 23Love Like Me1:18
  • 24It's All Right2:10
  • 24Love Like This1:09
  • 25In & out of My Life1:38
  • 25Can You Feel Me1:40
  • 26Get Your Groove On0:39
  • 26You Should Know1:40
  • 27If You Want My Love1:20
  • 27Everything1:09
  • 28Keepin' It Real1:20
  • 28If I Change My Mind0:59
  • 29Distant Lover1:23
  • 29Sittin'up in My Room1:40
  • 30U Bring Me Up2:05
  • 30You're Makin Me High1:40
  • 31No, No, No0:58
  • 31This Is for the Lover in You1:10
  • 32U Bring the Sunshine1:38
  • 32Twisted2:10
  • 33U Should Be Mine1:39
  • 33Do You Want To2:00
  • 34Always Something1:38
  • 34Hit Me Off1:09
  • 35Steelo1:00
  • 35Don't Know0:59
  • 36My Love Is the Sh...1:38
  • 36Have I Never1:20
  • 37Master Plane0:58
  • 37It's Ou That's on My Mind1:22
  • 38All I Want0:40
  • 38Love You So1:46
  • 39Come On1:08
  • 39Du Thangz1:17
  • 40Everybody1:17
  • 40Juste the Way1:19
  • 41Kiss & Tell0:39
  • 41I Like0:57
  • 42Only You1:36
  • 42Let It Go1:38
  • 43Every Little Thing I Do2:05
  • 43I Gotta Know0:59
  • 44Playa1:58
  • 44Realize0:57
  • 45Just Wanna Please U1:15
  • 45Don't Leave Me Again1:38
  • 46Rise1:02
  • 46Don't Take Your Love Away0:58
  • 47I Miss You0:50
  • 47Hat 2 da Back What About You Friends Get It up Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg5:17
  • 48I'm in Love0:59
  • 49How Can I Get over U1:54
  • 50Imagination0:56
  • 51Need Your Love0:47
  • 52No Oubt1:16
  • 53Heads over Heels1:44
  • 54I'm Not Feeling U1:16
  • 55Everyday0:57
  • 56Call Me1:20

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