Maxi Club Disco Funk, Vol. 3

Peter Brown (Artiste)
Simpson (Artiste)
Dazz Band (Artiste)
Temper (Artiste)
One Way (Artiste)
New Horizons (Artiste)
Mystic Merlin (Artiste)
Rick James (Artiste)
Mac Band (Artiste)
L.T.D. (Artiste)
Kwick (Artiste)
Kinsman Dazz (Artiste)
The Gap Band (Artiste)
Con Funk Shun (Artiste)
Stephanie Mills (Artiste)
Stargasm (Artiste)
L.J. Reynolds (Artiste)
Centerfold (Artiste)
Mid Air (Artiste)
Chocolate Milk (Artiste)
Marz (Artiste)
Plush (Artiste)
I.N.D. (Artiste)
Joe Coleman (Artiste)
Booker T. Jones (Artiste)
Freddie Jackson (Artiste)
Teena Marie (Artiste)
Klinte Jones (Artiste)
Dayton (Artiste)
Aurra (Artiste)
Switch (Artiste)
Xavier Work (Artiste)
Barry White (Artiste)
The Reddings (Artiste)
T-Connection (Artiste)
Roy Ayers (Artiste)
Tony Jackson (Artiste)
Breakwater (Artiste)
Al Hudson (Artiste)
Mc CLain (Artiste)
Pratt (Artiste)
Windjammer (Artiste)
Creative Source (Artiste)
Ashford (Artiste)
The McCrarys (Artiste)
Bo Kirkland (Artiste)
Arthur Prysock (Artiste)

  • Music7:10
  • Steppin' Out On the Groove5:47
  • You Can't Run from My Love7:19
  • Don't Stop Your Love7:05
  • Party Train5:42
  • Movin'8:41
  • Remote Control5:08
  • Spyrm of the Moment5:17
  • Whachersign6:03
  • Don't Stop the Feeling8:14
  • I'll Get You Back4:20
  • You and Me Tonight6:40
  • Free & Easy8:10
  • Change6:16
  • Behind the Groove6:05
  • Thinking About Your Love5:39
  • That Sucker to Death6:59
  • Best Beat in Town4:45
  • Get Ready, Let's Have a Party6:05
  • Who's Getting It Now6:43
  • Admit It5:45
  • Dance With Me5:19
  • Back in Love Again4:45
  • Dance Wit' Me7:22
  • Seriously5:32
  • When Love Is New7:13
  • Come Be With Me5:13
  • No Favors7:12
  • Got to Get Over You7:18
  • Swoop (I'm Yours)8:25
  • Don't Waste Your Time8:19
  • Trust in Me5:15
  • Ease Out6:29
  • Love On a Summernight5:58
  • Sixty Thrills a Minute4:54
  • Love Come Down6:11
  • Saturday Night4:55
  • Make Me the One4:58
  • Out Tonight6:25
  • He'll Never Love You5:08
  • Get It Off the Ground6:06
  • Do What You Wanna Do7:18
  • Turn Me Up4:40
  • Street Corner4:35
  • Say You Love Me Girl4:43
  • In the Heat of the Night8:11
  • We Ought to Be Dancing6:06
  • You're Gonna Get Next to Me7:15
  • Who Is He & What Is He to You7:26
  • Tossing and Turning6:41

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