Funky Collector, Vol. 4

Delegation (Artiste)
RÜFÜS (Artiste)
Thelma Houston (Artiste)
Mystic Merlin (Artiste)
Simon & McQueen (Artiste)
Rockie Robbins (Artiste)
René & Angela (Artiste)
Stephanie Mills (Artiste)
Plush (Artiste)
Teena Marie (Artiste)
Switch (Artiste)
The Reddings (Artiste)
T-Connection (Artiste)
Roy Ayers (Artiste)
Positive Force (Artiste)
Rhyze (Artiste)
War (Artiste)
Andrew White (Artiste)
Ray Parker Jr. (Artiste)
Chaka Khan (Artiste)
Stargaze (Artiste)
Stone City Band (Artiste)
Révélation (Artiste)
Search (Artiste)
Starpoint (Artiste)
T.J. Swann (Artiste)

  • Remote Control5:07
  • I Got Stay to Funky8:35
  • You Can't Have It5:49
  • Let's Get Into It4:54
  • Peanut Butter & Jam6:31
  • Rhyze to the Top6:14
  • Don't Waste Your Time8:19
  • Free & Easy8:10
  • Behind the Groove6:04
  • You Got the Power6:36
  • Just Can't Give You Up7:03
  • Best Beat in Town4:44
  • You Used to Hold Me5:46
  • Gonna' Bring the House Down5:34
  • And You Know What7:36
  • We've Got the Groove6:04
  • Candlelight Afternoon5:32
  • It's All Yours6:16
  • Is This a Love Thing6:17
  • Hot6:06
  • Who Got de Funk6:47
  • Love Injection6:53
  • Feel It5:40
  • Put Your Body in It6:02
  • Ladies Choice5:55
  • Do You Love What You Feel4:30
  • Come Be With Me5:13
  • I've Got Your Number4:25
  • I Love You More5:31
  • At Midnight7:00