Groovy Jazz Guitar Chillout - Essential Beach Summer Lounge Guitar Masterpieces

Flo Rence (Artiste)
Cooltrane (Artiste)
Bill Board (Artiste)
JazzyJazz (Artiste)
Midnight Owner (Artiste)
Brueback (Artiste)
Atrium (Artiste)
Red Metheny (Artiste)
Smooth Jazzerz (Artiste)
Brilliant Star (Artiste)
Binatural (Artiste)
Perelandra (Artiste)
Joyful Noise (Artiste)
Domestic Sol (Artiste)
Soulfuel (Artiste)
Mark Straight (Artiste)

  • 1Flying in Circles4:57
  • 2You Should Never Know4:27
  • 3Capture the Sun4:55
  • 4Miracle in My Mind4:21
  • 5The Divine Puppet5:25
  • 6Music Man4:36
  • 7Inside the Flame4:27
  • 8Smoke and Mirrors4:21
  • 9Skyscraper5:47
  • 10Look to the Future4:54
  • 11Pink Blue Hotel5:17
  • 12Island Lovers5:01
  • 13In Another Way4:15
  • 14Moon Over the City4:40
  • 15The Silver Key4:21
  • 16Never Ever4:56
  • 17Midnight Serenade5:26
  • 18Private Investigations5:29