TV Themes Are Not Dead


  • 1Westworld (Main Theme)1:32
  • 2American Horror Story (Main Theme)1:04
  • 3Game of Thrones (Main Theme)1:41
  • 4Mad Men (Main Theme)0:42
  • 5Dexter (Main Theme)1:38
  • 6This Life (Main Theme from "Sons of Anarchy")2:20
  • 7The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Main Theme)0:41
  • 8Teardrop (Main Theme from "House, M.D.")1:36
  • 9Twin Peaks (Main Theme)3:01
  • 10Pink Panther (Main Theme)2:20
  • 11Baywatch (Main Theme)2:33
  • 12The Simpsons (Main Theme)1:28
  • 13Cosy in the Rocket (Main Theme from "Grey's Anatomy")0:32
  • 14The Walking Dead (Main Theme)0:41
  • 15Murder, She Wrote (Main Theme)3:01
  • 16Little Boxes (Main Theme from "Weeds")1:43