The Greatest TV Songs


  • 1Don't Stand So Close to Me, Young Girl (Song from "Glee")2:31
  • 2Cosy in the Rocket (Main Theme from "Grey's Anatomy")0:32
  • 3For Once in My Life (Song from "Ally McBeal")3:12
  • 4Baby Blue (Ending Song from "Breaking Bad")3:37
  • 5How I Met Your Mother (Main Theme)1:12
  • 6Fame (Main Theme)5:13
  • 7One Tree Hill (Main Theme)2:03
  • 8I'll Be There for You (Main Theme from "Friends")1:34
  • 9Happy Days (Main Theme)3:01
  • 10Bad Boys (Main Theme from "Cops")2:29
  • 11Tell Him (Song from "Ally McBeal")2:45
  • 12One Love, People Get Ready (Song from "Glee")2:35
  • 13Superhero (Main Theme from "Entourage")1:49
  • 14Out Here On My Own (Song from "Fame")3:10
  • 15Superman (Main Theme from "Scrubs")2:02
  • 16The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Main Theme)2:45