Elevator Jazz Ambiance

Lou Donaldson (Artiste)
John Coltrane (Artiste)
Tal Farlow (Artiste)
Chet Baker (Artiste)
Thelonious Monk (Artiste)
Gene Krupa (Artiste)
Jimmy Smith (Artiste)
Ornette Coleman (Artiste)
Stan Kenton (Artiste)
Art Pepper (Artiste)
Jimmy Giuffre (Artiste)
June Christy (Artiste)
Kenny Drew (Artiste)

  • 1Traineing In12:31
  • 2That Good Old Feeling6:49
  • 3Yarbird Suite5:14
  • 4Fan Tan5:36
  • 5Think of One (Take Two)5:39
  • 6Village Blues5:19
  • 7Mulligan Stew3:58
  • 8All Day Long10:19
  • 9Countdown2:22
  • 10Begin the Beguine3:45
  • 11Sugar2:43
  • 12The Way of All Flesh2:48
  • 13You Say You Care6:13
  • 14Old Folks6:19
  • 15The Blessing4:43
  • 16Recuerdos4:59
  • 17J.O.S8:01
  • 18Resonant Emotions5:39
  • 19Bass Blues7:42
  • 20Think of One (Take One)5:38
  • 21That's the Way It Is3:43
  • 22Mating Call5:33
  • 23Not Too Slow3:46
  • 24Easy Street4:16
  • 25Paul's Pal6:35