The Best of Jazz and Blues - 100 Songs

Jimmy Smith (Artiste)
Chet Baker (Artiste)
Benny Carter (Artiste)
Bill Perkins (Artiste)
Stan Kenton (Artiste)
Plas Johnson (Artiste)
Lee Konitz (Artiste)
John Coltrane (Artiste)
Stan Getz (Artiste)
Thelonious Monk (Artiste)
Art Pepper (Artiste)
Art Blakey (Artiste)
Bud Powell (Artiste)
Roy Eldridge (Artiste)
Pete Brown (Artiste)
Count Basie (Artiste)
Jimmy Giuffre (Artiste)
Lennie Niehaus (Artiste)
Mel Tormé (Artiste)
Bobby Hackett (Artiste)
Jack Teagarden (Artiste)
Jackie McLean (Artiste)
Randy Weston (Artiste)
Cliff Jordan (Artiste)
John Gilmore (Artiste)
Max Roach (Artiste)
Little Walter (Artiste)
Otis Rush (Artiste)
Muddy Waters (Artiste)
John Lee Hooker (Artiste)
J.B Lenoir (Artiste)
Louis Armstrong (Artiste)
T-Bone Walker (Artiste)
Charley Patton (Artiste)
Robert Johnson (Artiste)

  • 1Split Kick9:27
  • 2Makin' Whoopee2:48
  • 3Summertime4:29
  • 4Alone Together6:50
  • 5Thou Swell2:49
  • 6You Don't Know What Love Is3:27
  • 7Cotton Tail4:30
  • 8Fuego Cubano5:55
  • 9Too Close for Comfort3:03
  • 10Ev'rything I've Got (Belong to You)4:45
  • 11Do It Hard Way2:58
  • 12Blue Train10:41
  • 13Blue Monk7:38
  • 14Isn't It Romantic3:27
  • 15Flamingo8:25
  • 16Lover Man5:09
  • 17Pernod6:52
  • 18Band Aid2:43
  • 19Summertime4:11
  • 20Light Blue5:17
  • 21You'd Be so Nice to Come Home to5:24
  • 22A Night in Tunisia9:42
  • 23Dance of the Infidels2:51
  • 24For Miles and Miles6:42
  • 25I Can't Believe That You're in13:55
  • 26Blues Done Come Back3:34
  • 27No Splice3:28
  • 28Crawdad Suite7:09
  • 29Yarbird Suite8:50
  • 30You Leave Me Breathless7:21
  • 31Uncharted3:53
  • 32Belle of the Ball2:48
  • 33La Ronde Suite / Bass2:54
  • 34You Better Go Now2:33
  • 35A Bunch of the Blues Keester Parade Tnt Tiny's Blues4:27
  • 36Indiana (Back Home Again in Indiana)2:55
  • 37September Song3:02
  • 38Soft Lights and Sweet Music4:39
  • 39I Remember You5:14
  • 40We'll Be Together Again4:07
  • 41Picture of Heath6:22
  • 42Billie's Bounce9:29
  • 43Bubbles3:57
  • 44Locomotion7:12
  • 45Kary's Trance7:12
  • 46Django7:04
  • 47What's New5:17
  • 48Again5:03
  • 49Deeds, Not Words4:33
  • 50Waltz Me Blues2:56
  • 51Oh Baby2:40
  • 52My Baby Is a Good 'Un2:37
  • 53Broken Hearted Blues2:49
  • 54I Feel so Good2:54
  • 55Take Me Back3:05
  • 56Graveyard Blues2:45
  • 57Mama What About Your Daughter2:28
  • 58I've Stopped My Man2:59
  • 59I'll Never Forget the Day3:00
  • 60Checking on My Baby2:54
  • 61Huckle Up Baby2:46
  • 62You Just Wanted to Use Me2:22
  • 63When the Sun Goes Down2:28
  • 64Jump Sister Bessie2:31
  • 65Listen to Ma3:13
  • 66Low Land Blues2:55
  • 67Three Long Years Today3:02
  • 68Banty Rooster Blues3:00
  • 69Come on in My Kitchen2:46
  • 70I Done Got Wise2:58
  • 71If I Give My Love To You2:37
  • 72Pony Tail2:25
  • 73Walking This Highway2:16
  • 74My Heart to Weep2:31
  • 75Mopper'S Blues2:53
  • 76Everything's Going to Be Alright2:49
  • 77Burnin' Hell2:42
  • 78Five Years1:45
  • 79Mississsipe Bo Weavil Blues3:03
  • 80I Can't Quit You Baby3:04
  • 81Dead Shrimp Blues2:29
  • 82Cross Road Blues2:38
  • 83Walkin' the Boogie2:41
  • 84Love Blues2:57
  • 85One Kind Of Favor2:58
  • 86Lonesome Road Blues3:02
  • 87Mellow Down Easy2:42
  • 88Union Station Blues2:54
  • 89Don't Touch My Head2:15
  • 90Hey, Hey2:41
  • 91Through With Women3:07
  • 92Worried Blues1:50
  • 93It's My Own Fault2:57
  • 94Leave My Wife Alone2:45
  • 95I Got to Find My Baby2:47
  • 96If You Were Mine3:04
  • 97Street Walking Woman3:03
  • 98I've Been Down for so Long3:14
  • 99Ramblin' By My Self3:18
  • 100Sugar Mama3:12