100 Jazz Masterpieces, Vol. 21

Duke Ellington (Artiste)
Stan Getz (Artiste)
Shelly Manne (Artiste)
André Previn (Artiste)
Leroy Vinnegar (Artiste)
Hank Jones (Artiste)
Horace Silver (Artiste)
Blue Mitchell (Artiste)
Junior Cook (Artiste)
Eugène Taylor (Artiste)
Louis Hayes (Artiste)
Steve Lacy (Artiste)
Barney Kessel (Artiste)
Jimmy Giuffre (Artiste)
Louis Jordan (Artiste)
Earl Swope (Artiste)
Al Cohn (Artiste)
Zoot Sims (Artiste)
Duke Jordan (Artiste)
Jimmy Raney (Artiste)
Mert Oliver (Artiste)
Charlie Perry (Artiste)
Art Tatum (Artiste)
Jo Jones (Artiste)
Red Callender (Artiste)
Bud Powell (Artiste)
Al Haigh (Artiste)
Shorty Rogers (Artiste)
Terry Gibbs (Artiste)
Curly Russell (Artiste)
Shadow Wilson (Artiste)
Lester Young (Artiste)
Howard McGhee (Artiste)
Al Haig (Artiste)
Carlos Vidal (Artiste)
Gene Ramey (Artiste)
Stan Levey (Artiste)
Kai Winding (Artiste)
Tommy Potter (Artiste)
Ray Haynes (Artiste)
Blossom Dearie (Artiste)
Ken McIntyre (Artiste)
Eric Dolphy (Artiste)
Walter Bishop (Artiste)
Sam Jones (Artiste)
Arthur Taylor (Artiste)
Oscar Peterson (Artiste)
Herb Ellis (Artiste)
Ray Brown (Artiste)
Cecil Taylor (Artiste)
Shorty Allen (Artiste)
Iggy Shevack (Artiste)
Shelly Mane (Artiste)
Bob Brookmeyer (Artiste)
Steve Kuhn (Artiste)
Roy Haynes (Artiste)
John Neves (Artiste)

  • 1Weely (1939)2:55
  • 2Skunk Hollow Blues (1939)2:39
  • 3I Know What You Do (1939)2:41
  • 4Your Love Has Faded (1939)2:47
  • 5Tired Socks (1939)2:49
  • 6Blues (1939)2:43
  • 7Early Mornin' (1939)2:29
  • 8Killin' Myself (1939)2:23
  • 9I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance5:47
  • 10I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me5:14
  • 11Everything Happens to Me7:05
  • 12Get Me to the Church On Time4:10
  • 13On the Street Where You Live5:36
  • 14I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face3:21
  • 15Wouldn't It Be Loverly5:31
  • 16It Had to Be You3:12
  • 17Heart and Soul3:15
  • 18Let's Fall in Love2:24
  • 19Blowin' the Blues Away4:40
  • 20The St. Vitus Dance4:03
  • 21Break City4:53
  • 22Bye-Ya4:41
  • 23Let's Call This7:14
  • 24Ask Me Now4:55
  • 25Skippy4:17
  • 26I'm Checking Out Gommbye (1939)2:24
  • 27Serenade to Sweden (1939)3:18
  • 28Little Posey (1939)2:37
  • 29Nagasaki3:05
  • 30Tootin' Through the Roof (1939)2:50
  • 31Ray's Time6:53
  • 32A Dream2:06
  • 33Off Center4:38
  • 34Montage1:47
  • 35Time Enough2:36
  • 36Sam Jones Done Snagged His Britches2:38
  • 37Pinetop's Boogie Woogie2:55
  • 38Boogie Woogie Came to Town3:06
  • 39Saxa Woogie2:37
  • 40Jack, You're Dead2:29
  • 41Missile Blues6:00
  • 42Too Late Now4:51
  • 43Jingles5:29
  • 44Stan Gets Along2:54
  • 45Stan's Mood2:41
  • 46Slow2:47
  • 47Fast3:05
  • 48Just One of Those Things7:12
  • 49Blue Lou3:02
  • 50Some Other Spring4:49
  • 51Confirmation4:19
  • 52Star Eyes3:28
  • 53Lullaby in Rhythm3:50
  • 54Pinch Bottle2:59
  • 55Stardust2:39
  • 56Prezervation2:41
  • 57Terry's Tune (Previously Unissued)3:00
  • 58T & S (Previously Unissued)2:42
  • 59Michelle (Alternate)3:30
  • 60I've Got a Date With a Dream (Take 2)2:40
  • 61You Can't Be Mine2:20
  • 62Everybody's Laughing3:01
  • 63Here Is Tomorrow Again2:43
  • 64Say It With a Kiss2:34
  • 65I Ain't Got Nobody2:55
  • 66Goin' to Chicago Blues3:05
  • 67Live and Love Tonight2:59
  • 68Belle from Bunnycock2:44
  • 69Lip Flip2:30
  • 70The Man I Love2:45
  • 71The Last Word2:22
  • 72Medley : Royal Garden Blues / Mood Indigo / St.Louis Blues4:17
  • 73Twelfth Street Rag1:58
  • 74Pennies from Heaven3:14
  • 75Mar-cia2:39
  • 76Pinch Bottle2:58
  • 77Ante Room2:41
  • 78Lautir4:03
  • 79Curtsy5:51
  • 80Falling in Love With Love (Live)5:58
  • 81How About You (Live)6:08
  • 82Flamingo (Live)5:02
  • 83Swinging On a Star (Live)5:38
  • 84Noreen's Nocturne (Live)5:29
  • 85Saturnian Sleigh Ride3:41
  • 86Martians' Lullaby7:03
  • 87The Line Backer4:05
  • 88Grand Slam4:39
  • 89Jumpin' Punkins8:10
  • 90O.P (Take 1)7:22
  • 91Jump for Me3:54
  • 92Topsy3:16
  • 93It's Sand, Man2:55
  • 94Basie Eyes3:23
  • 95Sweet Miss (Master)2:58
  • 96Loaded (Master)3:01
  • 97Grab Your Axe Max (Master)3:21
  • 98Thump, Thump, Thump6:48
  • 99A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square6:55
  • 100Love Jumped Out7:44