Rock Music 50' - 100 Classics

Freddie Bell (Artiste)
The Bellboys (Artiste)
Chuck Berry (Artiste)
Eddie Cochran (Artiste)
Buddy Holly (Artiste)
Elvis Presley (Artiste)
Gene Vincent (Artiste)
Glen Glenn (Artiste)
Jerry Lee Lewis (Artiste)
Hank Williams (Artiste)
Dale Hawkins (Artiste)
Johnny Cash (Artiste)
Johnny Burnette (Artiste)
Esquerita (Artiste)
Johnny Horton (Artiste)
Charlie Rich (Artiste)
Link Wray (Artiste)
Little Richard (Artiste)
Carl Perkins (Artiste)
Rusty York (Artiste)
Glenn Garrison (Artiste)
Darrel Rhodes (Artiste)
Cliff Richard (Artiste)
The Cruisers (Artiste)
Aubrey Cagle (Artiste)
Eddie Bond (Artiste)
Ray Campi (Artiste)
Bo Diddley (Artiste)
Ritchie Valens (Artiste)
The Big Bopper (Artiste)
Bob Davies (Artiste)
Lloyd Price (Artiste)
Barbara Pittman (Artiste)
Dick Seaton (Artiste)
Huelyn Duvall (Artiste)
Billy Fury (Artiste)
Marty Wilde (Artiste)
Dorsey Burnette (Artiste)
Andy Starr (Artiste)
Buddy Knox (Artiste)
Bill Haley (Artiste)
Buck Griffin (Artiste)
Janis Martin (Artiste)
Johnny Carroll (Artiste)
Bunny Paul (Artiste)
Patsy Cline (Artiste)
Howie Stange (Artiste)
Rocky Davis (Artiste)
George Weston (Artiste)
Jimmy Carrol (Artiste)
Eddie Fontaine (Artiste)

  • 1Hound Dog2:18
  • 2Let It Rock1:45
  • 3Blue Suede Shoes1:47
  • 4That'll Be the Day (First Version)2:29
  • 5Soldier Boy3:05
  • 6Vincent's Blues2:20
  • 7Everybody's Movin'2:39
  • 8Turn Around2:46
  • 9Your Cheatin' Heart2:41
  • 10School Day2:02
  • 11Tornado2:27
  • 12Remember Me1:57
  • 13All By Myself1:59
  • 14I'm Battie Over Hattie2:08
  • 15Betty Lorraine2:19
  • 16Rebound1:51
  • 17Johnny Bom Bonny2:16
  • 18Keep a Knockin'2:10
  • 19Doggone It2:19
  • 20That's Right2:47
  • 21Sweet Love1:58
  • 22Rock & Roll Music2:31
  • 23The Ballad of Hank Gordon3:26
  • 24I Throught About You2:16
  • 25Baby I Don't Care2:08
  • 26Betty Ann2:16
  • 27Bop and Stroll2:02
  • 28Love, Love, Love2:15
  • 29The Crossing2:15
  • 30Dearest Darling2:49
  • 31Big Baby Blues1:51
  • 32Everything's Okay2:50
  • 33Would You (1955)2:13
  • 34Old Maid2:09
  • 35It Rains Rain2:27
  • 36You2:30
  • 37The Most I Can Offer2:17
  • 38Lonesome and Blue2:13
  • 39It's Too Late2:22
  • 40No Limit to Love2:32
  • 41Everybody's Got a Date But Me2:05
  • 42That's What I Need2:17
  • 43Hansome Man2:21
  • 44Jukebox Rock2:05
  • 45Just Again2:05
  • 46Malaguena2:57
  • 47Don't Leave Me This Way2:40
  • 48Bad Boy2:21
  • 49Johnny Rocco2:27
  • 50Circle Rock1:57
  • 51Misery2:17
  • 52Lawdy, Miss Clawdy2:08
  • 53Round and Round2:05
  • 54Hillbilly Wolf2:03
  • 55Stay Loose Mother Goose2:11
  • 56Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee3:01
  • 57Rockabilly Walk2:15
  • 58Ducktail2:27
  • 59Crazy Times2:11
  • 60Livin' On Love2:39
  • 61R-O-C-K2:18
  • 62Be Bop a Lula2:16
  • 63Doin' My Time2:33
  • 64You'll Never Come Back2:06
  • 65Still Going2:32
  • 66Hot Dog2:23
  • 67Cry Guitar2:26
  • 68Flip, Flop Mama2:03
  • 69Hey' Bo Diddley2:10
  • 70My Babe2:20
  • 71Blueberry Hill2:39
  • 72Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby2:10
  • 73Whiskey River2:47
  • 74Wampus Cat1:53
  • 75Peggy Sue Got Married2:02
  • 76My Boy Elvis2:04
  • 77Hey Sue !2:12
  • 78Sweet Talk2:09
  • 79Love Me Love Me Honey Do2:03
  • 80A Rocking Little Tune2:39
  • 81Please Say You Love Me1:37
  • 82Real Gone Daddy1:47
  • 83Hot Road Baby3:01
  • 84Hey Little Car Hop1:56
  • 85Big Green Car2:20
  • 86Buy a Car2:03
  • 87Done Rovin'2:43
  • 88Don't Ya Know2:09
  • 89Watchin' the 7.10 Roll By2:31
  • 90It'll Be Me2:12
  • 91Hard Times (1957)2:20
  • 92I Need You2:06
  • 93C'mon Baby2:01
  • 94How Do You Think2:07
  • 95Pretty Girl1:52
  • 96Juanita2:55
  • 97Gone Gone Gone2:35
  • 98Phone Call2:39
  • 99Cold Cold Heart2:34
  • 100Old Deacon Jones2:02